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Senate Bill 854, related to the electronic filing of bonds, was filed on February 5th and has been assigned to three Senate committees as part of the legislative process necessary to enact a bill.
CLICK HERE to read the Bill.
On February 10th the FBAA Board of Directors met and voted unanimously not to support
SB 854 as written.
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On March 25th, HB 1395 and SB 854 were heard before subcommittees.  
The House of Representatives' Insurance & Banking Subcommittee approved HB 1395. The bill must now go through the same subcommittee review process before two additional subcommittees.

The Senate's Banking & Insurance Subcommittee took a very in-depth look at SB 854. FBAA's Board President as well as several lobbyists and officers of surety companies addressed the subcommittee outlining the reasons this proposed legislation, as written, would be very bad for the bail profession in Florida.  After much discussion and questioning by the subcommittee members, they voted unanimously to temporarily postpone the bill.  No further action will be taken on SB 854 unless it comes before this same subcommittee before this year's session ends on or about May 2nd.
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FBAA's Board encourages all licensed agents to contact the sponsoring legislators (see links below) and express objection to this proposed legislation.  Additionally, if you have relationship with your Senator and Representative, please make contact with those individuals as well.
Click Here to contact Senator Joseph Abruzzo. (SB 854)
Click Here to contact Rep. Bryan Nelson.
(HB 1395)

Letter From The President...
The Florida Surety Agents Association is very pleased to announce it has changed its name to Florida Bail Agents Association and is moving into 2014 with renewed strength and commitment to serving and representing Florida's bail agents, as we have since 1972.

Beginning in mid-2013 a blending of Florida's two bail associations has been taking place and we are excited to be moving into a position to represent you, the bail agent, as a united body. We are working hard to provide education, promote or oppose legislation and meet the needs of the bail profession in Florida.
We have posted our 2014 continuing education schedule and ask you to please support us by completing your CE requirements through our classroom and online classes. When you take classes with the Florida Bail Agents Association you are financially supporting an organization which is committed to serving the bail profession in Florida. The non-Association education providers are simply taking your money to support themselves. The Florida Bail Agents Association is here to support and represent you.
While everything necessary to accomplish the transition is not yet complete, rest assured your Association and its leadership are working hard to provide you with the best representation possible. We want to hear from you. We want you to be part of protecting and promoting the bail profession in Florida. Join now and let your voice be heard. CLICK HERE to print the 2014 Membership Application.
Freddie Belton,
President of the Board
Florida Bail Agents Association 

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online classes available!
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The cost is $99 and includes
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